Depeche Mode – Ultra | The 12″ Singles (8 x 12″ Boxset)


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. Barrel Of A Gun | 12BONG25 | 19439759431-01
A1. Barrel Of A Gun
A2. Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Hard Mix)
B1. Barrel Of A Gun (3 Phase Mix)
B2. Barrel Of A Gun (One Inch Punch Mix (V2))
B3. Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Soft Mix)
. Barrel Of A Gun | L12BONG25 | 19439759431-02
C1. Painkiller (Plastikman Mix)
C2. Painkiller
D1. Barrel Of A Gun (One Inch Punch Mix)
D2. Barrel Of A Gun (United Mix)
. It’s No Good | 12BONG26 | 19439759431-03
E1. It’s No Good (Hardfloor Mix)
E2. It’s No Good (Speedy J Mix)
F1. It’s No Good (Motor Bass Mix)
F2. It’s No Good (Andrea Parker Mix)
F3. It’s No Good (Dom T Mix)
. It’s No Good | L12BONG26 | 19439759431-04
G1. It’s No Good
G2. Slowblow
H1. Slowblow (Darren Price Mix)
H2. It’s No Good (Bass Bounce Mix)
. Home | 12BONG27 | 19439759431-05
I1. Home (Jedi Knights Remix (Drowning In Time))
I2. Home (Air “Around The Golf” Remix)
J1. Home (Meant To Be)
J2. Home (Grantby Mix)
. Home | L12BONG27 | 19439759431-06
K1. Home
K2. Home (The Noodles And The Damage Done)
L1. Barrel Of A Gun (Live)
L2. It’s No Good (Live)
. Useless | 12BONG28 | 19439759431-07
M1. Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session™)
N1. Useless (CJ Bolland Funky Sub Mix)
N2. Useless (Air 20 Mix)
. Useless | L12BONG28 | 19439759431-08
O1. Useless (Remix)
O2. Useless (Escape From Wherever: Parts 1 & 2!)
O3. Useless (Cosmic Blues)
P1. Useless (CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Mix)
P2. Useless (Live)

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