Dr. Vranjes Diffuser – Rosso Nobile Fragranza (500ml)


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Luxury room fragrance diffuser

Made in Italy since 1983

The Rosso Nobile Fragranza has notes of orange blossom, violets and magnolia with hints of plum which complements the essence of forest fruits, being strawberries, raspberries and smoked birch which recreate the scent of the most noble wines.
A perfect addition to any room in the house.

Box includes 500ml diffuser and black diffuser bamboo sticks

Why Dr Vranjes? It might seem a little strange that a record store is selling Dr. Vranjes diffusers, but we are obsessed with these incredible fragrances that work so well in our store at 44 Stanley.  We believe that these diffusers complement the vinyl sensory experience and we cannot recommend them enough for your home or listening room.


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