No Artist – Sound Effects No. 4 (VG+)


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. Melodrama
A1a. Two Screams
A1b. One Scream
A1c. Police Whistle
A1d. Maniacal Laughter
A1e. Human Heartbeat
. Bells
A2a. Old Fashioned Door Bell
A2b. Old Fashioned Door Bell
A2c. Electric Door Bell
A2d. Desk Bell
A2e. Small Bell
A2f. Bicycle Bell
A2g. Church Bell Tolling
. Clocks And Gongs
A3a. Grandfather Clock Strikes 12 O’Colock
A3b. Grandfather Clock Ticking
A3c. Chiming Clock Strikes 12 O’Clock
A3d. Gong Roll
A3e. Gong : One Stroke
A3f. Gong Roll & Cymbal Crash
. Domestic Sounds
A4a. Window Opened & Shut
A4b. Curtains Drawn (Brass Rings On Wooden Rod)
A4c. Gas Mantle : Lit And Burning
A4d. Gas Escaping
A4e. Making Up The Fire
A4f. Domestic Fire Burning
. Musical Boxes
A5a. (Regina) ‘The Wedding March’
A5b. (Miniature Cylinder) : Extract From ‘The Thieving Magpie’
A5c. (Polyphon) ‘Scenes That Are Brightest’
A5d. (Polyphon) ‘Silent Night’
. Domestic Birds
A6a. Canary Singing
A6b. Budgerigar
A6c. South American Parrot
A6d. Two Budgerigars
. Cats
A7a. Cat Miaowing
A7b. Kitten Purring
A7c. Tom Cat
. Footsteps
A8a. Man Running On Country Road
A8b. Man Walking On Stone Floor
A8c. Man Climbing Stone Stairs
A8d. Two Men Walking On Stone Floor
A8e. Two Men Climbing Stone Stairs
. Travel By Coach : Coach Horns
B1a. Double Call
B1b. Single Call
B1c. Single Call
B1d. Double Call
B1e. Triple Call
. Travel By Coach : Mail Coach
B1f. Starts, Runs & Stops
. Travel By Coach : Busy Country Inn
B1g. General Atmosphere
. Horse-Drawn Vehicles
B2a. Hansom Cab : Start, Trot, Stop
B2b. Pony & Cart : Start, Walk, Stop
B2c. Horse & Dog Cart : Start, Trot, Stop
B2d. Two Horses & Loaded Cart : Start, Walk, Stop
. Horse Drawn Traffic
B3a. Small Town Atmosphere
B3b. Busy Street
. Street Pianos (Barrel Organs)
B4a. ‘Tritsch-Tratsch Polka’
B4b. ‘Alice Where Are Thou?’
. Street Pianos (Orgue De Barbarie)
B4c. ‘Over The Waves’
. 1914 Model ‘T’ Ford
B5a. Door Opened And Closed
B5b. Hand-Cranking, Firing, Tickover
B5c. Start, Tickover, Depart
B5d. (INTERIOR) Constant Run
B5e. Approach & Stop
. Doors, Knocks, Locks & Bolts
B6a. Knocking On Door (EXTERIOR)
B6b. Knocking On Door (HEARD INSIDE)
B6c. Bolts Drawn Open & Closed
B6d. Chain Bolt Opened & Closed
B6e. Grill-Type Cell Door Opened & Closed
B6f. Modern Cell Door Opened & Closed
B6g. Huge Door Opened & Slammed
B6h. Wooden Door Opened & Shut (Slight Echo)
. Toys
B7a. Clockwork Toy
B7b. ‘Mama’ Doll
B7c. Teddy Bear Grunt
B7d. Teddy Bear Growl
B7e. Pop Gun

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