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Vinyl Protector Record Cleaner


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Use in a well-ventilated area.  Spray directly on to vinyl record, trying not to get the record’s centre label wet.  Rub into the record with the supplied microfibre cloth in small circular motions.  Dry off excess moisture with dry microfibre cloth.  Turn vinyl record over and complete the same process for Side 2.  Allow to air dry for a few minutes before returning it to the record sleeve, or before playing it.  Replace dirty or damaged record sleeves to ensure that record remains clean.

***Active Ingredient:  Isopropyl Alcohol

Do not ingest this product and avoid contact with eyes.  In the event of accidental ingestion, please seek medical advice.  Keep out of reach of children and animals.  Keep away from direct sunlight and stored away from any heat source.  Product is flammable and must be kept away from ignition sources.  Do not smoke whilst using this product.

Please be a responsible record collector and ensure that the bottle is recycled.


Made in South Africa

Grading: New & Sealed