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Abdullah Ibrahim – 3 (3LP)


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A1. Barakat
A2. Tsakwe
A3. Krotoa – Crystal Clear
B1. Maraba
B2. Ishmael
B3. Mindif
C1. In A Sentimental Modd
C2. Giant Steps
C3. Reprise 1
D1. Water From An Ancient Well
D2. Nisa
D3. The Wedding
E1. Tuang Guru
E2. Reprise 2
F1. Dreamtime
F2. Skippy
F3. Blue Bolero
F4. Mindif
F5. Trance-Mission – “The Sound Of Centuries Old Maritime Cargo…”

New & Sealed 


Gatefold Cover 

Record 1:  45RPM 

Record 2 & 3: 33.3RPM 

Grading: New & Sealed