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Vinyl Protector Carbon Fibre Brush


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Anti-static carbon fibre record cleaning brush.  Conductive fibers neutralise static energy whilst removing surface dust and debris from the record.  A must-own for any record collector

Keeps your record collection dust and lint free with regular light brushing before each play. Use this with your record turning on the turntable without applying pressure to the brush. The brush will pick up lint and dust that’s on the record. The soft Carbon Fibre bristles reach deep in to the grooves and conducts static charge away from the record.

Instructions for use

  • Place your record on the turntable then start the turntable
  • Place the brush bristles onto the record while the record does a few revolutions on the turntable
  • After a few revolutions of the record, carefully pull the brush toward yourself. A  second pass over the record may be necessary to ensure the brush gets the very fine micro dust off of the record

Grading: New & Sealed