Hana Moving Coil EL Cartridge


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The Hana EL offers highly competitive pricing for high-end musical performance with a low-output moving coil cartridge. The EL is a hand-made Japanese cartridge that offers the listener the textural, imaging, and musically engaging features associated with the best MC cartridges. It also uses ALNICO magnets.

Affordable low output MCs like the EL, which have long been coveted by audiophiles and music lovers, are the ideal complement to the current generation of high-gain phono stages.

Hana Moving Coil El Specs:

Stylus Synthetic Elliptical
Cantilever Aluminum
Output Level 0.5mv/1kHz
Output Balance <2dB/1 KHz
Vertical Tracking Force 2g
Trackability 70 µm/2g
Channel Separation 25dB/1kHz
Frequency Response 15-25,000Hz
Impedance 30Ω/1kHz
Suggested Load Impedance >400Ω
Cartridge Weight 5g
Body Color Moss Green

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